Audrey Siegl Endorses Green Party's Wes Regan for Vancouver East

It’s Thanksgiving, and today I’m happy to announce another endorsement from a local leader whom I admire and respect - Audrey Siegl. We asked our endorsers to keep it short and sweet and Audrey has offered both the shortest and sweetest endorsement.

You may recognize Audrey from this summer’s flotilla that recently confronted a massive Shell Oil rig here on Coast Salish Territories. For a powerful story (and photograph) about it check out more on the Vancouver Observer.


"Wes is real.
Wes is human.
He’s a good, honest man who CARES and works hard to create a better reality for all.”

- Audrey Siegl

I believe the scientific consensus on climate change and the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission demand of us, and inspire in us, a re-awakening of our political imagination.

Legislation like Bill C-51 intones that the work Audrey does is a threat to our national security and economic stability.  Both of these assertions are false. The work Audrey does is an invitation for us to be better, to do better, to form a partnership for a prosperous and fair future for First Nations and Canada. The Green Party is the only party right now where the spark of that renewed political imagination burns. We have put forward a concept called the Council of Canadian Governments, bringing together municipal, provincial and First Nations government to sit together at the same table with the Federal Government. So much work lies ahead of us to undo the damage of the past, but it can be done if we do it together.

Thank you Audrey for your endorsement and for all the work you do in our communities.