Notley's threats to BC remind us of Enron and the California Energy Crisis

It would be great to see a healthier dialogue between Alberta and BC regarding Canadian energy and our future development. Sadly, the bar just gets dragged lower and lower. It's March 2018 and despite opposition from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producerspopulist prairie politicians are voicing support for Alberta strangling British Columbia's supply of domestic oil and gas. This in order to punish the West coast province for defending its environmental and economic interests by raising concerns about Texas-based Kinder Morgan's proposed pipeline expansion and the multiple serious risks it poses. Threatening to punish an entire province by shutting off domestic energy supply in order to gain support for shipping energy resources out of the country is a bizarre kind of false equivalency. It's also a tactic taken directly from the pages of the disgraced Enron Corporation which imploded spectacularly once corrupt business practices and financial malfeasance resulted in criminal prosecution and conviction of its executives

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Threats, insults, and bullying a winning formula to gain BC support for Kinder Morgan pipeline

"Shitheads" that's how Economic Development Minister Deron Bilous described British Columbians this week at a meeting of Albertan Municipal leaders. The same week that Alberta's Speech from the Throne floated the idea of punishing BC by turning off the supply of oil and gas to the province, a sensible way to demonstrate just how much communities in BC need Bitumen to be shipped to China for motorists there. Ex Wild Rose Party Leader Danielle Smith warned British Columbians that if we continue to mess with Alberta, or, well....U.S. Pipeline Company Kinder Morgan, that we are one step away from economic catastrophe. This, just mere weeks after Alberta Premier Rachel Notley boycotted BC wines in her province, something that surely involved consultation and engagement with restaurants and private liquor stores who didn't appear caught off guard whatsoever by the eminently reasonable not-knee-jerk-gesture that was quickly rescinded. 

One might think these seem like petty, vindictive, and even desperate measures to ensure a foreign owned pipeline can be built to export chemically diluted tar out of the country at basement bargain royalty rates, but the longer this abuse goes on the more likely British Columbians are to warm up to the whole idea. It's how relationships work, dummy!

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Putting Together BC and Alberta's Shared Prosperity Puzzle

British Columbia and Alberta are perfectly poised to lead Canada’s transition to a more sustainable form of energy security and prosperity. Instead they have created a level of hostility and resentment I don’t think we’ve ever seen between the two provinces. It’s all fire and fury as threats of lawsuits are tossed over the Rockies into B.C., along with a boycott of B.C. wine and swearing off vacations here. All this for the B.C. government raising concerns over what could happen if a pipeline or tanker transporting hazardous materials ruptures and threatens thousands of jobs and entire industries.

From: National Observer, February 14th 2018 for full article go here

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Prime Minister Trudeau is Still Right, Alberta's Oil Should be Nationalized

The national interest, we're hearing that term a lot right now from Rachel Notley, Prime Minister Trudeau and those others who are eager to see the Kinder Morgan pipeline twinned. So what is it? And is this controversial pipeline truly reflective of it?

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