Canada needs a frank discussion about Ken Hughes’ Globe and Mail Op-ed

Ken Hughes, former Alberta Minister of Energy, has implored Canadians to be “honest with each other" in a recent Globe and Mail opinion piece, when raising the question “How does Canada work?”

Mr Hughes’ premise is that the recent cancelations of oil and gas pipelines and other projects reveals a national dysfunction that is powered by a myth that "we are so wealthy as a nation that we can afford to ignore our natural strengths”. 

This is the first time that any of us have been exposed to this myth, at least that I am aware of. 

But the former Alberta MLA and MP subtly inserts other myths, those we have heard many times before, into his lament. 

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Reflections on the start of SFU CED's 2017-2018 Cohort

The SFU CED program has undergone a number of evolutions in the roughly 20 years that it has existed. It is currently undergoing another one of those evolutions as its relationship to Simon Fraser University and the Faculty of Environment in which it is situated deepens and expands. Constant throughout these evolutions have been the values at the core of the program and the hopes they bring. These don't come in a manual as such, that each Director hands down through the ages, but they ring true in the curriculum of the program and the work of its alumni network. That a better world is possible, that all communities have tremendous potential for transformation and creative problem solving, that just, sustainable, equitable and inclusive forms of economic development are key to the future prosperity of communities and to our planet, and as the old saying goes we are the ones we have been waiting for

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How B.C.'s small businesses could be champions for $15 minimum wage

It’s not easy running a small business. It takes years of effort, late nights worrying about the pedantic details of name, brand, location, or how much debt you’re taking on. Have you got all the permits and licenses? Are you confident with the terms of your lease agreement? Will your product or service win out over the competition? Did you hire the right staff?

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Opinion: Petronas departure a tragedy or opportunity

Last week, Malaysian energy giant Petronas announced an end to its controversial LNG mega-project in B.C. due to changes in global energy markets.

While proponents of the project claim this is a “tragedy for Canada,” there’s a more positive way of looking at things. After several years with B.C.’s economic policies held hostage to the myopic idea of an imminent LNG boom, letting go of the increasingly unfeasible LNG pipe dream presents a valuable opportunity to reimagine economic development in rural B.C.

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