How B.C.'s small businesses could be champions for $15 minimum wage

It’s not easy running a small business. It takes years of effort, late nights worrying about the pedantic details of name, brand, location, or how much debt you’re taking on. Have you got all the permits and licenses? Are you confident with the terms of your lease agreement? Will your product or service win out over the competition? Did you hire the right staff?

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Opinion: Petronas departure a tragedy or opportunity

Last week, Malaysian energy giant Petronas announced an end to its controversial LNG mega-project in B.C. due to changes in global energy markets.

While proponents of the project claim this is a “tragedy for Canada,” there’s a more positive way of looking at things. After several years with B.C.’s economic policies held hostage to the myopic idea of an imminent LNG boom, letting go of the increasingly unfeasible LNG pipe dream presents a valuable opportunity to reimagine economic development in rural B.C.

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Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Review delay reveals a larger problem in Canadian democracy

The legacy of Stephen Harper may be Canada's clearest historical example of corporate regulatory capture at the highest levels.

Just this past Friday the National Energy Board (NEB) halted the review process for the proposed Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline twinning. It wasn’t because scientists and concerned residents had been arrested on Burnaby Mountain in protest; it wasn’t because of collective statements from the Mayors of several Lower Mainland cities and First Nations condemning the project; it wasn’t even because scores of intervenors wrote public letters about the horribly flawed process that many of us subsequently walked away from altogether. No, it came about because of the revelation that Harper’s newly appointed NEB member Steven Kelly was a Kinder Morgan consultant who helped draft evidence being used in the review process that he has now been appointed to help oversee. Where no amount of public outcry could slow down the NEB and Kinder Morgan, perhaps the hubris of Steven Harper will be the NEB’s undoing.

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A rally for change, from an NDP that's changed

Strange what power does to people, and to political parties. Even a taste of power, a glimpse of power. 

This past weekend the NDP held the Rally for Change with Tom Mulcair. I couldn’t make the event because my team and I were having a community BBQ with our volunteers and local supporters in Strathcona. Both the NDP and Liberals are running on a predictable change platform, and yes, we all want change, we all want Harper out. The truth is, a lot of change has already happened, and it has been within the NDP itself over the past few years and even the past few weeks. 

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