Wes Regan featured on upcoming electoral reform panel with NDP and Liberal MPs

Come show your support for Green Party Candidate Wes Regan (Vancouver East) as he engages in a panel discussion with MPs Kennedy Stewart (NDP) and Joyce Murray (Liberal) this May 20th at 6:00 PM, at the Burnaby Public Library (A short SkyTrain ride to Metrotown away!) Here's the release from the host, Fair Vote Canada:

A political panel discussion about the state of Canada’s democracy, featuring members of the major federal parties, will be held in Burnaby on May 20. The event will have a particular focus on reforming Canada’s voting system. Members of the public are invited to attend this free event, which is being organized by Fair Vote Canada in conjunction with Burnaby Public Library.

A fundamental premise of good democracy is that every voter should have an equal voice in our country's parliament. Fair Vote Canada advocates proportional representation (PR) as part of its “Make Every Vote Count” campaign, which will coincide with the upcoming 2015 federal election.

“The majority of Canadians support the principle of proportional representation”, says Iain Macanulty of Fair Vote Canada's Vancouver chapter. “The outcome of an election using PR would be every voter treated equally. Every voter would be represented by an MP of their choice in contrast to how it works in the current system.”

The failure of our voting system to deliver fair results is one of the reasons that Canadians are dissatisfied with the current state of our democracy. This panel is a chance for citizens who are concerned about our voting system to engage with prominent politicians on this issue.

Political Panel Discussion on Voting Reform

- Kennedy Stewart (NDP MP for Burnaby Douglas)

- Joyce Murray (Liberal MP for Vancouver Quadra)
- Wes Regan (Green Party candidate for Vancouver East)
(The Conservative party has not confirmed a representative at this time.)

Burnaby Public Library - Bob Prittie Metrotown branch

6100 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby
(at Willingdon and Kingsway, near Metrotown Skytrain Station)

Wednesday May 20
th, 2015
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Contact Info
Iain Macanulty – President, Fair Vote Canada, Vancouver Chapter
mailto: vancouver@fairvote.ca
phone: 778-869-8169

Background Info

NDP Position
If they win the upcoming 2015 election, the NDP has promised to change the voting system to Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) in time for the next election in 2019.

Kennedy Stewart says, “Bringing proportional representation to Canadian elections is akin to introducing antibiotics to healthcare. It is the remedy we need to help cure our ailing democracy.”

Green Party Position

The Green Party will immediately outlaw first past the post and then conduct a national consultation to decide which form of proportional representation to replace it with.

Liberal Party Position
The Liberal party passed a resolution at their last party convention which stated that they would convene an all-party commission following the next election to review our voting system, and included the possibility of changing to proportional representation if the commission makes that suggestion.

Joyce Murray was a strong advocate for proportional representation during her campaign for leadership of the Liberal Party.

Canadians agree with Proportional Representation

The majority of Canadians agree that the seats that a party wins in parliament should match that party's popular vote. This result has duplicated in multiple public opinion polls that have been conducted over the past fifteen years.

Multiple Recommendations for PR

Ten commissions and Citizens Assemblies over the past ten years have investigated Canada's federal and provincial voting systems. All have recommended a change to proportional representation, with the majority recommending Mixed Member Proportional.


7 million wasted votes in 2011
In the 2011 Canadian election, 50% of voters ended up with a representative they did not vote for. That is a total of 7 million wasted votes.

The result is a disproportional parliament with a majority government elected by 39% of voters.

New Zealand voters are twice as well represented

In the New Zealand 2014 election, where they vote using proportional representation (MMP), 94% of voters are represented by a candidate or party of their choice.


Four True Majorities in 100 Years

Over the past 100 years in Canada, only four majority governments were elected with an actual majority of the popular vote. The last one was 1984 under Brian Mulroney (50.5% of the popular vote).