Hello I'd like to report a barbaric cultural practice...bigotry and homophobia

As this election heads into the homestretch we are seeing the floodgates of the Canadian conservative psyche under Stephen Harper open wide. The paranoia, the bigotry, the repression and the arrogance, good lord is it getting ugly. Just weeks after a "barbaric practices" hotline was opened for the benefit of all us Canadians who have silently put up with Galatians, Visigoths and Vandals living in our midst we are now hearing truly uncivilized language from the mouths of Conservative candidates. Not just uncivilized, it's downright heartless, ignorant, straight up bigoted trash like promoting Conversion Therapy. So in honor of all my LGBTQ2S friends and in response to the suggestions by Conservative candidates that we get behind Barbaric Cultural Practices like Conversion Therapy, I wrote a song. Haters gonna hate. Songwriters (turned politician) gonna write songs.

I wrote this song originally after being distraught with Vladimir Putin's treatment of Russia's Queer Community during the Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Games. I was outraged and saddened to see people who loved one another being beaten and jailed simply for holding hands and showing other forms of natural affection. Now in the midst of our 42nd federal election in Canada we are seeing how much Harper's Conservatives have in common with Putin and his government. When any one of us lose rights, we all lose rights. When any one of us are oppressed we are all oppressed. We fight bigotry with tolerance and we fight hate with love. That's how we do it. Now get out and vote! (actually, listen to the song first, and then I hope you'll be inspired to get out and vote!)

To listen to the song head to https://soundcloud.com/wes-regan/wes-regan-wont-go-out-a-fire-inside