Katja Macura Endorses Green Party's Wes Regan in Vancouver East

I'm excited to announce yet another endorsement from a wonderful leader in our community. Katja is a proud Strathcona resident and strategist whose work bridges employee and community engagement, small business, sustainability and community economic development. She has worked at innovative companies like Blast Radius and Lighthouse but it was while we were serving together on the Board of LOCO BC that I really got to know Katja. I have always been so impressed by her and she's great to work with. 


"As a colleague and friend I know Wes to be committed to his community and inclusiveness in general. He is deeply knowledgeable about the needs of small business as well as critical issues of community development including affordability, land use and sustainability. In addition, Wes truly understands the needs of the diverse riding that is Vancouver East, having lived and worked in the area for many years and driving collaboration between its constituents and stakeholders on these same issues. I’m confident Wes would be an excellent representative of me, my riding and BC as an MP, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to vote for him as the Green Party Candidate for Vancouver East."
- Katja Macura

Thank you Katja for your leadership and all the work you do to make our communities and planet a better place. Your endorsement means the world to me.