Please join me and Elizabeth May for my official campaign launch Sunday May 31st.

6:00 PM, Rainier Provisions (2 Cordova Street)

Register HERE

I moved to Vancouver seventeen years ago with barely a dime in my pocket. Eager to pursue a career in the performing arts a friend and I crammed all that we owned, some books, clothes and guitars, into my '81 Chevrolet Chevette - knowing full well that it probably wouldn't be able to make it over the mountains on our way down to the coast. In fact it didn't...but that's a story for another time. As these past seventeen years have progressed I've become increasingly passionate and concerned about the communities in which I've lived, worked and volunteered in here in our city. The majority of those seventeen years have been spent living and working here in the riding of Vancouver East.

Over time my career changed from waiting tables and playing gigs to working in community economic development and urban sustainability. I've devoted my professional and academic life to better understanding the challenges and opportunities we face here in this riding, and the innovative ways in which communities here have created solutions and identified opportunities.

My career has been built on partnership, collaboration, learning and listening.

Partnership and collaboration with non-profits, community organizers, residents, activists, businesses, and with government.

Learning about the concerns, hopes, experiences and aspirations of those people and organizations I've come to know and listening to the different perspectives of people in these communities.

From small business owners and recent immigrants to harm reduction advocates and property owners, I've discovered that the people in this riding have ideas and approaches to making communities here healthier and more inclusive. I believe these ideas and these approaches can inform government for an increasingly urban Canada. I want to take the compassion, innovation and determination that these communities inspire me with on a daily basis to Parliament, where I can work alongside Elizabeth May and other progressive political leaders to bring this country out of the dark days it has descended into under Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party.

Please join me and Elizabeth May for my official campaign launch this Sunday May 31st at 6:00 PM, Rainier Provisions (2 Cordova Street) Register HERE

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