Peter Ladner Endorses Green Party's Wes Regan for Vancouver East

Peter Ladner is a leader in our city whom I've looked up to for years. His principled and progressive voice on Vancouver City Council championed many of our city's successful policies to support urban sustainability and livability, including urban agriculture, which he has since gone on to be a leading researcher, thinker and author on. Peter cares deeply for this city, and for the future generations that will inherit it from us. He is a co-founder of Business In Vancouver Magazine and has more than 40 years of journalistic experience in print, radio and television and is a frequent speaker on business, food, community and sustainability issues.


"Wes is part of a new generation of leaders who care passionately about the future of their community and are willing to work hard with all its members on innovative solutions to its problems. 

Through his determined work in community development he understands both public and private sector perspectives, and how green initiatives like urban food-growing businesses align with tomorrow’s economy.

He would be an excellent Member of Parliament for Vancouver East."

- Peter Ladner, Vancouver City Councillor (2002 - 2008), Co-Founder of Business In Vancouver Media Group and Author (Urban Food Revolution)

Thank you Peter for your endorsement, we are thankful for all the work you've done in our city and deeply appreciate your support and encouragement.