Wes Regan wins Green Party Nomination Race in Vancouver East

Vancouver East voters nominate Wes Regan as the Green Party Candidate (OTTAWA) April 26, 2015

Executive Director of the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association and urban sustainability and community economic development leader, Wes Regan, was chosen to represent the Green Party of Canada in the upcoming federal election for the riding of Vancouver East. Following a meeting held Friday night at the Groundswell Café & Learning Space, Mr. Regan was successful in his nomination bid over Brennan Wauters, an energy and environmental activist and former Green Party of Canada candidate in the 2011 federal election.

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, was pleased with the outcome stating, “I am thrilled to welcome Wes Regan to a growing green surge of strong, experienced, electable Greens running for Parliament‎ in 2015. His background and dedication will make him a clear voice for voters in Vancouver East.”

“I am deeply grateful and honoured that Vancouver East voters have given me their support and confidence to represent them in the upcoming federal election,” stated Regan. “I sought the nomination because I want to bring grassroots community economic development and social justice principles to the forefront.  I believe that we need MPs who will emphasize the important role that the federal government could, and should be playing in supporting healthy, inclusive, and economically robust communities – MPs, like so many other Canadians, who can see over the horizon to a more sustainable, prosperous, and just Canada.”

May also thanked Brennan Wauters for seeking the nomination in the Vancouver East riding.

“Vancouver East was very fortunate to have two well-qualified candidates step forward to run as Green candidates.  I want to personally thank Brennan Wauters for putting his name forward.  He is a committed Green and I am confident that he will continue to be an integral part of our team that sends more Greens to Ottawa in 2015.”

Regan concluded, “While the NDP, Liberals, and Conservatives are fighting over power in Ottawa, the Greens are fighting for democracy. I want to send a message to Ottawa that voters want representation which puts constituents first, not party leaders or the parties themselves.”


Original source: Green Party of Canada