Shawn Smith Endorses Green Party's Wes Regan for Vancouver East

There are few people in this town who are doing work as cutting-edge as Shawn Smith's. Shawn's career intersects academia, social finance, social enterprise and mentorship. An entire generation of progressive entrepreneurs are maturing within a social innovation ecosystem here in Vancouver and BC that Shawn has been instrumental in shaping. It's a growing network that extends beyond our borders and is having a noticeable impact not only in communities and regions, but within existing institutions that have little other option that to rethink how they do things, and why. 


"I believe we need members of Parliament who understand and embrace the innovative ideas needed to build a more just and sustainable Canadian economy. That's why I'm endorsing Wes Regan. Wes' voice in Parliament will add valuable perspective and he has consistently demonstrated the vision, hard work, patience and courage East Vancouver deserves in its representative."

- Shawn Smith

Thank you Shawn for your endorsement.