Vancouver East's first Green MP

Right now is a critical time for the future of Vancouver East. Canada's next government will make important decisions affecting us and our neighbourhoods. You deserve a progressive, local representative that will put our community before big industry and party politics. That is why I'm running to win and be Vancouver East's first Green MP.

The latest polls show our campaign has the momentum in this riding. We're in a better position than ever to win and build on the social justice and human rights advances made by our outgoing MP Libby Davies.


Here's why we can win:

  • The Conservative candidate is a distant 4th place in Vancouver East. Voters here don't have to worry about splitting the vote and electing a Harper Conservative.

  • The Green Party is polling above 20% in Vancouver East with the Liberal candidate running close behind. But with just a week left in the election, one in four Vancouver East voters are still undecided.

  • After 18 years defending our community and fighting for social justice and human rights, Libby Davies chose not to run with Mulcair's NDP.

  • The NDP lost significant support here since Jenny Kwan became their candidate. Our office is full of volunteers and supporters working for an NDP or coalition government, supported and made more accountable with me as their Green MP.

  • As a Green MP, I'll be free to vote in the best interests of our riding. Unlike an NDP or Liberal MP, I won't be directed by party strategists to vote along party lines instead of what's best for Vancouver East. With an affordable housing crisis and heavy pressure to export fossil fuels through our neighbourhood, an independent, local voice has never been more important.

We need your help to break the media myth that this riding belongs to the NDP. Vancouver East belongs to all of us and you deserve a hard-working, local representative that will be a champion for our community.

With hard work and your help, we can make history in Vancouver East and elect me as your next MP to cooperate with Elizabeth May and my NDP and Liberal counterparts to end the Harper Era.

Join us to get involved today and help make this happen! Sign up to volunteer here or email

Your neighbour,

Wes Regan
Green Party Candidate for Vancouver East
Critic for Urban Affairs and Housing